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ASAP Window Cleaning & Maintenance services Gippsland and Melbourne’s South-East with 18 years experience in the industry. ASAP is a premium domestic and commercial window cleaning service with a reputation for being fast and efficient with a satisfaction guarantee. We are fully insured and have complete legal liability cover up to AU$20 million. Additionally, all our staff are uniformed workers with police checks and working with children checks.

We offer a same-day quote service, and if we can’t get to you on the same day, we are experienced enough to offer over-the-phone quotes using pictures provided by you.

ASAP can clean anywhere, from the smallest of shop or unit, to the biggest house, body corporate or high rise. Whenever you need your gutters, windows or solar panels cleaned – call ASAP, we’ll get it done!


Window Cleaning

At ASAP our years of experience, uniformed and trained team and expertise allow us to tackle any job with precision and efficiency that will leave you satisfied. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, when we clean windows we not only clean the glass, we clean the frames, vacuum the tracks, clean the screen and clean mirrors in showers if requested.

High Pressure / Hot and Cold Pressure Washing

ASAP Window Cleaning & Maintenance staff are skilled in pressure washing a variety of surfaces, such as concrete, bricks and pavers. With expertise in both soft washing and pressure washing, we can clean your property quickly and without risk.

We use a state-of-the-art Kerrick hot wash machine, which are capable of heating the water to 120 degrees – effectively killing most bacteria, germs, algae, lichen, and mould. Hot pressure washing machines penetrate grime and dirt much more effectively than a standard pressure washer. This allows the working pressure and cleaning time to vastly reduced, cleaning in almost half the time of a normal pressure washer.

Solar Panels

Getting your solar panels cleaned of dirt and debris regularly can dramatically increase the amount of power that your solar panels receive. This in turn will increase the amount of light that hits your solar panels, which will boost their efficiency and can maximise your savings.

Detergents can leave a soapy film which can encourage dirt to build quicker, and can leave the panel still looking darkly tinted and dirty. Deionised pure water can provide a much more effective solution, the deionised water is free of harsh salts and alkaline, providing a cleaner, faster wash free of harsh chemicals.

Gutter Cleaning

Are you tired of searching for a “gutter cleaner near me”?

Gutters can very easily and quickly collect dirt and debris, and not cleaning them regularly can lead to multiple issues around the home. Overflowing and blocked gutters are a leading cause of damage to internal walls, ceilings and carpet. Often leading to mould growth and structural timber damage such as rot. 

Our professional and well trained team can arrive ASAP and thoroughly clean your gutters, lessening the possibility of these problems.

Are you protected for the upcoming fire season?

Australia has just experienced one of the worst fire seasons on record, with over 3,500 homes estimated to have been lost. Ember attacks consisting of burning plant matters can travel several kilometres away from their original source. This can pose a serious risk to homes with filled gutters, which can easily ignite from ember attacks. Preparation is key in safeguarding your home and family from these threats, it’s important to act quickly to ensure these risks don’t affect you.

Sadly, most Australians are unaware that, damage caused by blocked gutters may not be covered by your home insurance. Home insurance can only cover damages that are considered outside of your control. Because of this, damages that could have been prevented through regular maintenance and care can be deemed as illegible for cover.

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, falls from ladders are the most frequent “DIY” injury, and 1 in 10 falls can lead to serious injury. With the usage of our tools such as “Clean from the ground” camera equipment, we can safely clean areas that would otherwise be hazardous to clean without them. This will ensure a safe cleaning of your rooftops without risking any injury from ladders or damage to your property.

Premium Gutter Cleaning

When you need your home gutters cleaned properly and professionally, ASAP will make the entire roof gutter cleaning service fast, stress-free and affordable. Ensuring that we leave you satisfied with perfectly cleaned gutters

State of the art equipment

ASAP Window Cleaning & Maintenance uses cutting-edge commercial vacuum gutter cleaning technology that can massively reduce the amount of clutter and debris found within your gutters without needing anyone to climb your roof.


With our vacuum and “clean from the ground” camera kit, we can effectively and efficiently clean all the hard-to-reach areas of your gutters whilst avoiding any accidental damage that could be caused by people walking on your roof.

Fire Risk Prevention

Embers can prove to be a great risk if your gutters are filled with flammable debris. Our efficient and effective methods can help you protect your property and your family from risks this bushfire season.